Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide

The Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide showcases primary color combinations tailored for direct printing on an extensive array of surfaces. Select your preferred material from our adhesive PVC collection. This comprehensive guide is presented on a 100 x 70 cm sample, serving as an indispensable tool to achieve your desired printing outcomes.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

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Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide from Onlineprintingfactory

In printing, accurate color representation stands as a critical pillar for achieving desired outcomes. Each hue, tone, and shade holds significance, whether it’s for branding, artistic endeavors, or conveying specific messages.The precision of color directly impacts the overall quality and effectiveness of printed materials. Inaccuracies can lead to misinterpretations, misbranding, or a lack of visual appeal, affecting the intended impact of any design.

OnlinePrintingFactory’s Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide

To address this crucial need for precision, OnlinePrintingFactory presents its meticulously crafted Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide. This comprehensive guide serves as a beacon of reliability for professionals, artists, and anyone seeking unparalleled accuracy in their prints. The guide is a carefully curated collection of main color combinations designed explicitly for printing on a diverse array of materials.At the heart of this guide is the commitment to offering a comprehensive reference tool that enables individuals to visualize and select the exact colors they desire for their projects. It’s a roadmap to achieving consistent and precise color outcomes across various mediums, providing users with the confidence they need to make informed decisions about their printing endeavors.

Prints with the Colour Guide

The Colour Guide isn’t just a visual representation of colors; it’s a guarantee of success. OnlinePrintingFactory understands the paramount importance of getting it right the first time. Hence, this guide is meticulously designed to mitigate the risks of color discrepancies, ensuring that each print mirrors the envisioned colors accurately.This guide acts as a safeguard against potential errors, offering users peace of mind when it comes to color selection and printing outcomes. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a companion that empowers individuals to create with confidence, knowing that the colors they see on the guide will translate seamlessly onto their chosen materials.

Features of the Colour Guide

Size and Format

100 x 70 cm Sample: The Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide from OnlinePrintingFactory is presented in a generous 100 x 70 cm size, providing a substantial canvas to showcase a comprehensive range of colors. This ample space allows for a detailed representation of each hue and shade, ensuring clarity and accuracy in color depiction. The larger size ensures that every nuance and subtlety of the colors is vividly displayed, offering an immersive experience for users.Essential Reference for Achieving Desired Print Results: This sizeable guide isn’t just a visual aid; it’s an indispensable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It serves as an essential reference point for achieving precise and desired print results. Whether you’re a seasoned designer seeking color accuracy or a novice exploring the world of printing, this guide becomes your trusted companion. Its expansive dimensions provide a clear and detailed portrayal of colors, enabling users to make informed decisions regarding their printing requirements.

Material Selection

Overview of Available Adhesive PVC Materials: OnlinePrintingFactory’s Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide presents a comprehensive array of adhesive PVC materials, providing users with a diverse selection to suit their specific printing needs. This range encompasses seven distinct types, each with its unique characteristics and applications.Monomeric Adhesive Vinyl: This category offers three variations: matt, gloss, and matt with grey back. The matt and gloss variants are particularly suited for application on flat surfaces, catering to different aesthetic preferences. Meanwhile, the matt with grey back provides a specialized option for specific printing requirements, ensuring versatility in choices.Transparent Adhesive Vinyl: Designed to offer transparency while maintaining adhesive properties, this option is ideal for applications where see-through elements are necessary, allowing for creative and unique printing possibilities.Cast Gloss with Grey Back: This specific type combines the glossy finish with a grey backing, ensuring enhanced vibrancy and visual impact for the prints.Adhesive Vinyl for Backlighting: Tailored for applications requiring backlighting, this variant ensures optimal color representation and vividness when illuminated from behind.Polymeric Gloss Adhesive Vinyl with Grey Back: Specially crafted for slightly uneven surfaces, windows, or metal structures, this variant offers enhanced adaptability and durability.Printing Directly onto Various Media: The Colour Guide allows for direct printing onto these diverse adhesive PVC materials, ensuring that users can visualize and assess the exact color combinations on the specific media they intend to use. This feature is instrumental in making informed decisions regarding material selection for printing projects.Confidence in Print Quality: By showcasing the color combinations on various materials, the Colour Guide instills confidence in users about the print quality they can expect. It serves as a visual assurance that the chosen color schemes will translate accurately onto the selected adhesive PVC, minimizing any unexpected discrepancies between expectations and final outcomes.

Personalization Options

Choice of Obtaining the Guide with or without the Onlineprintingfactory Logo: OnlinePrintingFactory acknowledges the importance of personalization. Hence, users have the flexibility to choose whether they want the guide with or without the Onlineprintingfactory logo. This option allows for tailored preferences based on individual or business requirements.Tailoring the Guide to Individual Requirements: The ability to personalize the guide ensures that users can align it precisely with their needs. Whether it’s for internal reference, client presentations, or personal use, this customization option enhances the usability and relevance of the Colour Guide, making it a versatile tool that adapts to varying preferences and purposes.

Materials Offered by Onlineprintingfactory

Adhesive Vinyl

Overview of the Seven Available Types: OnlinePrintingFactory offers a diverse range of seven adhesive vinyl options, each meticulously designed to cater to distinct printing needs and preferences. These options encompass a spectrum of characteristics to accommodate various applications and desired outcomes.

Types of Monomeric Adhesive Vinyl: Matt, Gloss, Matt with Grey Back:

  • Matt Vinyl: Suited for applications requiring a non-reflective finish, ideal for indoor use and where glare needs to be minimized.
  • Gloss Vinyl: Offers a sleek and reflective surface, perfect for vibrant prints that demand attention and depth.
  • Matt with Grey Back Vinyl: Specifically crafted to provide enhanced color vibrancy and opacity, ensuring vivid prints with subdued light reflection.

Suitable Applications for Each Type:

  • Matt Vinyl: Ideal for indoor signage, displays, or areas with controlled lighting.
  • Gloss Vinyl: Well-suited for outdoor signage, promotional materials, or any application requiring eye-catching visuals.
  • Matt with Grey Back Vinyl: Perfect for applications where color intensity and opacity are paramount, ensuring vivid prints even in varying lighting conditions.

Easy Wall

Two Variations Available: OnlinePrintingFactory offers two distinct variations of Easy Wall adhesive, each tailored to specific needs and surfaces.

Applicability on Walls and Uneven Surfaces:

  • Easy Wall for Walls: Specifically designed for wall applications, this variant is adept at adhering to various surfaces, including uneven ones. It ensures hassle-free application without compromising the print quality.
  • Transparent Easy Wall: Offering transparency and repositioning features, this variant is ideal for versatile applications on both walls and glass surfaces. While it cannot be printed in white, its repositioning capability allows for flexibility in design implementation.

Transparency and Repositioning Features:

  • Transparency: Allows for unique design possibilities where see-through elements are desired.
  • Repositioning: Enables users to adjust and reposition the material during application without compromising its adhesive properties, ensuring a precise and desired placement.

Refix Electrostatic

  • PVC Film Treated for Electrostatic Adherence:
  • OnlinePrintingFactory’s Refix Electrostatic is a PVC film treated to adhere electrostatically to specific surfaces, eliminating the need for adhesive.

Suitable Surfaces: Metal, Glass, Windows:

  • This specialized film adheres effortlessly to smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, and windows, offering versatility in application scenarios.

Availability in White or Transparent:

Users have the choice between a white or transparent variant, allowing for customization based on design requirements and surface color contrasts.

Ordering Process

How to Request the Colour Guide:

To obtain the OnlinePrintingFactory’s Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide, the ordering process is simple and user-friendly. Follow these steps to request your guide and unlock the potential for precise and vibrant prints:Visit the OnlinePrintingFactory Website: Navigate to the official OnlinePrintingFactory website, where you’ll find a dedicated section for ordering the Colour Guide.Select the Colour Guide Option: Locate the Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide in the product offerings. Depending on the website’s layout, you may find it under a “Tools” or “Resources” section.Personalize Your Order: Choose any personalization options offered, such as whether you want the guide with or without the Pixartprinting logo.Add to Cart: Once satisfied with your choices, add the Colour Guide to your cart.Checkout: Proceed to the checkout page, where you will provide necessary information for shipping and payment.Confirm Order: Review your order to ensure accuracy, and confirm your request.

Examining the Guide Before Placing Orders:

Examining the Colour Guide before placing orders is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your printing projects. Here’s why:Visual Verification: The guide allows you to visually verify the exact color quality on your chosen material, offering a real-world preview of how your prints will appear.Prevention of Errors: By reviewing the guide, you mitigate the risk of potential errors in color selection. This visual aid serves as a safeguard against discrepancies between your expectations and the final printed result.Confidence in Decision-Making: Examining the guide instills confidence in your decision-making process, empowering you to choose the right combinations for your specific needs.