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OnlinePrintingFactory’s plastic label printing offers durable, UV-protected labels perfect for outdoor use. With a range of materials and sizes, customize labels from 1×1 cm to 30×30 cm, incorporating company logos or unique designs. Compatibility with labelling machines allows for efficient mass printing, while short runs are available. Select protective finishes like scratch-resistant varnish or gold foil for added distinction. With intuitive ordering, swift shipping, and 25+ years of printing excellence, trust OnlinePrintingFactory for resilient, customized plastic labels that make your brand stand out.

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Plastic label printing from Onlineprintingfactory

Plastic labels represent a modern, resilient approach to product branding, offering a versatile canvas for businesses to showcase their unique identity. Unlike traditional paper labels, plastic labels are engineered to endure various environmental challenges while allowing for extensive customization. They serve as a powerful tool to communicate brand messages, product information, and visual aesthetics to consumers.

Significance of Durability, UV Protection, and Outdoor Suitability

The core strength of plastic labels lies in their ability to withstand the rigors of different environments. These labels are designed with durability as a primary feature, ensuring they maintain their integrity despite exposure to moisture, temperature variations, or rough handling. The inclusion of UV protection shields the label from fading or degradation due to prolonged sun exposure, a crucial aspect for outdoor applications.Their resilience against weather elements and external factors makes plastic labels the go-to choice for products intended for outdoor use. Whether adorning outdoor equipment, packaging for outdoor products, or any merchandise requiring extended exposure, these labels maintain their quality and visual appeal over time.The combination of durability, UV protection, and suitability for outdoor use positions plastic labels as a reliable, long-term branding solution, ensuring that your products maintain a professional and impactful presentation, regardless of the conditions they encounter.

Features and Options

Material Variety and Features

Gloss Lamination: Protects Against Scratches and UV LightPlastic labels from OnlinePrintingFactory come equipped with a gloss lamination feature, acting as a robust shield against scratches and the damaging effects of UV light. This protective layer not only enhances the labels’ visual appeal but also ensures their longevity in various conditions.

Choice of Five Materials for Specific Needs

OnlinePrintingFactory recognizes the diverse requirements of businesses. Hence, customers can choose from a selection of five materials, each tailored to specific needs. This range provides the flexibility to align the labels with the unique characteristics of different products and environments.

Compatibility with Automatic Labelling Machines

Ideal for efficient and large-scale operations, these plastic labels are designed for seamless integration with automatic labelling machines. This compatibility streamlines the labeling process, making it convenient for businesses with high-volume printing needs.

Availability for Short Print Runs

Recognizing the importance of flexibility, OnlinePrintingFactory offers the option for short print runs. Whether a small batch is needed for a limited edition product or a trial run, this feature allows businesses to manage their label printing according to their specific requirements.

Customization Options

Size and Shape Customization
  • Embrace creativity with size and shape customization options ranging from a compact 1×1 cm to a spacious 30×30 cm.
  • Pre-defined shapes, including circular, square, or rectangular, provide convenient choices for those looking for standardized label formats.

Material Options

Select the ideal material from a trio of options: Polypropylene Deluxe White, Polypropylene Deluxe Transparent, or Polypropylene Deluxe Silver. Each material offers UV and scratch resistance, ensuring the labels maintain their pristine appearance.

Output Direction and Label Spacing

Tailor the placement of labels with options for output direction (0°, 90°, 180°, or -90°) and precise spacing between labels (minimum 0.4 cm).

Reel Configuration

Customize the label production process by specifying the inside diameter of the reel and choosing from options such as one roll (33 cm high), two rolls (16.5 cm high), three rolls (11 cm high), or six rolls (5.5 cm high).

Label Cutting Method and Finish

  • Opt for the Kiss Cut with backing left on for a convenient application process.
  • Enhance durability with Labellife 3 scratch-resistant varnish, ensuring labels withstand wear and tear.

Special Finishes

Selective VarnishElevate the visual appeal of specific areas with an extra-thick, transparent coating that creates an embossed feel.Gold or Silver FoilAdd a touch of luxury and sophistication with hot-stamped gold or silver foil onto selected areas, enhancing the overall aesthetic.Protective Finishes
  • Opt for Labellife 3 anti-scratch varnish for a gloss coating that shields labels from scratches and UV light.
  • Choose between a Matt or Gloss Lamination to preserve label colors and provide additional protection.
These extensive features and customization options demonstrate OnlinePrintingFactory’s commitment to providing businesses with tailored, high-quality plastic labels that meet their diverse needs and preferences.

Customization Process and Design

At OnlinePrintingFactory, the customization journey for plastic labels is designed to empower businesses, offering a seamless and creative process to craft distinctive and impactful labels that align with brand identity.

Flexibility in Customization

The customization process begins with an emphasis on flexibility. Whether it’s company logos, brand elements, or unique graphics, businesses have the freedom to infuse their labels with personality. The platform accommodates a myriad of design possibilities, ensuring that each label stands as a unique representation of the brand.

Ease of Implementation

The process is designed for convenience and ease of implementation. OnlinePrintingFactory’s user-friendly interface and intuitive tools make the customization process straightforward. Businesses can effortlessly upload their designs, adjust sizing, and experiment with various customization options to achieve the desired look for their labels.

Branding Reinforcement

Company logos and branding elements are seamlessly integrated into the label design. This serves as a powerful tool for brand reinforcement, allowing businesses to maintain consistency across their product lines. The labels become a visual extension of the brand, instantly recognizable and resonant with consumers.

Encouraging Creativity

OnlinePrintingFactory encourages businesses to unleash their creativity to create labels that stand out in the market. By leveraging unique graphics, captivating visuals, and innovative design elements, businesses can craft labels that not only communicate information but also evoke emotions and resonate with their target audience.

Distinctive and Recognizable Labels

The ultimate goal of the customization process is to produce labels that are distinctive and instantly recognizable. By leveraging the array of customization options and design tools, businesses can create labels that capture attention, differentiate their products, and leave a lasting impression on consumers.The customization process at OnlinePrintingFactory is a canvas for businesses to express their brand identity creatively. It encourages experimentation, innovation, and the creation of labels that not only fulfill practical purposes but also serve as a powerful branding tool, contributing to the overall success and recognition of the business.

OnlinePrintingFactory’s Printing Services

Quality Assurance and Technology

OnlinePrintingFactory stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence in the printing industry, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to employing cutting-edge technology and top-tier materials.

Latest Printing Technology

The company prides itself on leveraging the latest advancements in printing technology. Through continual investment in state-of-the-art machinery and innovative printing techniques, OnlinePrintingFactory ensures that every label produced meets the highest standards of quality and precision. From high-resolution graphics to intricate detailing, the technology employed ensures that each label reflects impeccable craftsmanship.

Commitment to High-Quality Materials

Quality is the cornerstone of OnlinePrintingFactory’s ethos. They meticulously research and select premium-grade materials to guarantee the durability, vibrancy, and longevity of the labels they produce. The choice of materials, including UV-resistant coatings and scratch-proof varnishes, ensures that the labels retain their pristine appearance even in demanding environments.

Decades of Experience and Reliability

With over 25 years of experience in the printing industry, OnlinePrintingFactory has honed its expertise to deliver consistent and exceptional results. This extensive tenure in the field signifies not only a deep understanding of printing processes but also a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction. Their substantial customer base serves as a testament to their credibility and the trust they’ve garnered over the years.

Customer-Centric Approach

OnlinePrintingFactory’s commitment to quality extends beyond technical aspects. They maintain a customer-centric approach, prioritizing client needs and expectations. From the initial inquiry to the final delivery, their team ensures a smooth and satisfactory experience, providing guidance, support, and solutions tailored to individual requirements.

User-Friendly Order Process

At OnlinePrintingFactory, the journey from concept to the delivery of your custom plastic labels is streamlined to be as effortless and convenient as possible. The user-friendly order process is designed to empower businesses and individuals to create their ideal labels with ease.

Intuitive Order Form

The heart of the ordering process lies in an intuitive and user-friendly order form. This form is meticulously crafted to guide customers seamlessly through the customization and ordering journey. It allows for a hassle-free selection of customization options, from size and shape to materials and finishes. As customers make their choices, the order form provides real-time updates on costs and delivery timelines. This transparency enables customers to make informed decisions aligned with their preferences and budget.

Fast and Free Shipping Options

OnlinePrintingFactory understands the significance of prompt delivery. With expedited shipping options, customers can choose delivery timelines that suit their requirements. Moreover, the company offers free shipping, ensuring that customers not only receive high-quality labels but also benefit from cost-effective and timely delivery services.

Quick Turnaround Times

The commitment to efficiency is evident in the quick turnaround times offered by OnlinePrintingFactory. Despite the rapid production process, there is no compromise on quality. Customers can expect their orders to be processed swiftly without sacrificing the meticulous attention to detail that ensures each label meets the highest standards.

Customer Support Availability

Should any queries or concerns arise during the ordering process, OnlinePrintingFactory’s dedicated customer support team is readily available. Their knowledgeable and friendly representatives are equipped to assist customers with any inquiries, providing guidance, clarification, or support as needed. This commitment to exemplary customer service ensures that customers feel supported and valued throughout their interaction with the company.The user-friendly order process at OnlinePrintingFactory is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction. By combining intuitive order forms, fast and free shipping options, quick turnaround times, and accessible customer support, they ensure that the entire experience, from placing an order to receiving the final product, is smooth, efficient, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Additional Printing Services

OnlinePrintingFactory goes beyond plastic labels, offering a comprehensive array of printing solutions catering to diverse labeling and packaging needs. The commitment to quality, customization, and reliability extends across various product categories.

Beer Labels

For breweries and craft beer producers, OnlinePrintingFactory provides specialized beer labels designed to withstand refrigeration, condensation, and handling. These labels can be customized with captivating designs, ensuring that each brew stands out on the shelves and captivates consumers’ attention.

Paper Labels

Paper labels serve as a versatile option for various products, from food and beverage packaging to promotional materials. OnlinePrintingFactory offers customizable paper labels that maintain excellent print quality and adhesive strength, catering to a wide range of industries and applications.

Cosmetic and Bodycare Labels

In the competitive cosmetic and bodycare industry, product presentation is paramount. OnlinePrintingFactory’s cosmetic and bodycare labels are crafted with precision and customization in mind. These labels are designed to enhance product aesthetics while providing essential information, ensuring that beauty and personal care products make a lasting impression.

Packaging Solutions

Beyond labels, OnlinePrintingFactory offers a diverse range of packaging solutions tailored to different products and industries. From cardboard packaging suitable for shipping and protection to bottle packaging designed to highlight the elegance of bottled products, their packaging solutions combine functionality and aesthetics.

Customizability Across Services

Just like their plastic label services, these additional printing solutions are highly customizable. Customers can tailor these labels and packaging options to suit their branding, product specifications, and target audience. The customization tools and options allow businesses to create cohesive and visually appealing packaging solutions that resonate with their brand identity.OnlinePrintingFactory’s commitment to providing a wide spectrum of printing services extends beyond plastic labels. Their dedication to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction is reflected in the diverse range of offerings, ensuring that businesses across industries have access to tailored and high-quality printing solutions that elevate their products and brand presence.