Classic Roll Labels

Discover timeless branding solutions with OnlinePrintingFactory’s Classic Roll Labels. With 24 different materials, you have endless customization options. Choose from various papers and plastics to create roll labels that perfectly represent your product. For automatic labelling machines, you can also select the output direction and label gap, all customized to fit your needs.

  • 24 materials to choose from
  • Suitable for automatic labelling machines
  • Short print runs available
Roll Labels

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Custom stickers are versatile and cost-effective, perfect for many projects. We offer stickers in various shapes and sizes, printed on durable rolls. We even provide custom waterproof labels for drinks containers.

Sticker Roll Formats

OnlinePrintingFactory offers extensive customization for your sticker rolls. Choose from three pre-defined shapes and enter your preferred dimensions:
  • Circle: Enter the diameter in the width field.
  • Square: Enter the side length in the width field.
  • Rectangle: Enter the width and height.
  • Oval: Enter the width and height.
For more complex needs, use our custom sticker roll format option. We provide stickers from 1 cm x 1 cm to 30 cm x 30 cm, with short print runs available.

Custom Printed Roll Labels – Materials

Custom stickers can be applied to various stationery products and structures, both indoors and outdoors. Our range includes custom waterproof labels. Customize your promotional stickers easily with our online order form.Our stickers come in two main types: acrylic stickers and self-adhesive paper. Materials for acrylic stickers include:
  • Deluxe White Polypropylene: High-quality white stickers with a scratch- and UV-resistant gloss coating, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Deluxe Transparent Polypropylene: Transparent version of the deluxe white stickers.
  • Deluxe Silver Polypropylene: Silver version of the deluxe white stickers.
  • Transparent Refix Electrostatic Film: Recyclable, PVC-free ultra-transparent film that adheres electrostatically to smooth surfaces, removable without residue.

Self-adhesive paper options include:

  • Satin Paper: Embossed paper with a satin look, ideal for luxury and wine sectors.
  • Natural White Paper: Uncoated paper for glass containers and bulk orders.
  • Uncoated Paper: Versatile, natural white paper for indoor use.
  • Coated Paper: White paper suitable for curved surfaces and packaging.
  • Betulla Laid Paper: Chalk-colored paper with varnish, ideal for luxury and wine sectors.
  • Removable Coated: Glossy white paper, easy to remove without residue.
  • Black Pulp-Dyed Paper: Black paper, perfect for glass containers.
  • Laid Greaseproof Paper: Coated paper resistant to oils and fats.
  • Natural Greaseproof Paper: Uncoated paper resistant to oils and fats, ideal for food and beverage sectors.
All our round stickers come with anti-scratch veneer labellife 3 to prevent scratches. The label cutting method is kiss cut, leaving the backing on for easy use.

Classic Roll Labels with Special Finishes

You can add special finishes to your stickers, depending on the material:
  • Selective Varnish: Gives details a raised look and feel.
  • Gold Foil: Adds a metallic gold finish to specific areas.
  • Silver Foil: Adds a shiny silver finish to specific areas.

Sticker Rolls Printed in the UK – Delivery

OnlinePrintingFactory delivers stickers in one 33-cm-high reel or two 16.5-cm reels. Various delivery dates are available, with later dates offering potential savings. All options are visible on the online order form.

Ordering Your Custom Sticker Rolls

Customize your sticker roll on this page. Follow the step-by-step order form and click the “i” icon for extra information and guidance. For questions, contact our Customer Support team.

Paper vs. Plastic Roll Labels

The main difference between paper labels and plastic roll labels is their suitability for outdoor use. Plastic labels are made from durable polypropylene and can be used indoors or outdoors. Paper roll labels are more affordable and ideal for high volumes, though some are designed to resist oils, fats, and damp conditions.

What Information Can I Print on Roll Labels?

Print anything you need on your stickers, such as:
  • Your company logo
  • Product name and description
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Brand colors and fonts
Our roll labels are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your brand.

Personalised Printed Classic Roll Labels and More

OnlinePrintingFactory specializes in all forms of customizable stationery printing. Explore our Stickers for more options.