Book Boxes

These amazing boxes offer both exterior and interior surface printing, allowing you to showcase your brand and add surprise elements. Crafted from sturdy corrugated cardboard, they ensure your products reach their destination in style and intact. Perfect for e-commerce, retail, and gift packaging, our Custom Book Boxes are highly customizable, cater to businesses of all sizes, and create unforgettable unboxing experiences.

Special Features

  • 3 Sizes
  • Double Side Printing
  • Flat Design to save Space
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OnlinePrintingFactory offers Book Boxes that are easy to put together. They come flat, saving space in your store. When you need them, they’re ready in seconds to hold your products. These boxes are easily recognized and protect your items while promoting your business.Are you in e-commerce or shipping products from your store? Want packaging that stands out? With OnlinePrintingFactory, you can customize Book Boxes. Choose your size and design, even print messages inside to thank customers.Book Boxes come in three sizes:
  • Small: 28 x 18 x 1-4 cm (A5)
  • Medium: 37 x 22 x 1-4 cm (A4)
  • Large: (size not specified)
They’re made of sturdy but light white or Havana corrugated cardboard. This material keeps your items safe during shipping and shows off vibrant colors and details. If you need to send books, CDs, or samples, try our Cardboard Envelopes in A4, A5, or A3 sizes.IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AND QUERIES YOU CAN CONTANT CUSTOMES SUPPORT AT ANYTIME. MAKE SURE TO REACH OUT AN EXPERT.Our Custom Book Boxes come packed with a range of features that cater to your specific needs, whether you’re shipping books, catalogs, samples, or welcome kits. These features not only enhance the functionality of the packaging but also provide an opportunity to showcase your brand in a striking way.

Three Different Sizes

We understand that not all packages are created equal, and that’s why our Custom Book Boxes are available in three different sizes: A5, A4, and A3.This ensures that your packaging is tailored to your exact requirements. Either you’re sending out petite paperbacks or large coffee table books, we’ve got you covered.

Tailored to Your Needs

The availability of various sizes means you can effortlessly customize your packaging for different products or purposes. If you’re a small business owner shipping individual items or a corporation with diverse product lines, our Custom Book Boxes can be tailored to fit the bill perfectly.

Print Both Inside and Outside

Our Custom Book Boxes offer a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your recipients. Not only can you print your branding elements and graphics on the external surface of the box, but you also have the ability to print on the internal surfaces. This dual printing capability allows you to create a visually stunning unboxing experience.

High-Definition Graphics

We take pride in delivering high-definition printing results that ensure your packaging looks as good as the content it holds. Your designs will pop with vibrant colors and sharp details, making your Custom Book Boxes an extension of your brand’s identity.

White or Brown Corrugated Cardboard

Custom Book Boxes are constructed from your choice of white or brown corrugated cardboard. These materials are renowned for their sturdiness and reliability, making them an ideal choice for shipping packaging. They are designed to protect your contents from potential impacts during transit, ensuring your products reach their destination in pristine condition.

Balanced Lightweight Flat Design

Despite their exceptional strength, the white and brown corrugated cardboard materials are surprisingly lightweight. This ensures that you won’t incur unnecessary shipping costs, and your packages remain easy to handle. It’s a balance of durability and practicality, ensuring your products are safe without adding unnecessary bulk.At OnlinePrintingFactory, you can find more than just Book Boxes. Explore Mailing Boxes, Envelopes, Labels, and stickers to make your packaging special.