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Elevate your packaging with Custom Book Boxes. These versatile boxes offer both exterior and interior surface printing, allowing you to showcase your brand and add surprise elements. Crafted from sturdy corrugated cardboard, they ensure your products reach their destination in style and intact. Perfect for e-commerce, retail, and gift packaging, our Custom Book Boxes are highly customizable, cater to businesses of all sizes, and create unforgettable unboxing experiences. Visit to transform your packaging and brand image today.


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Custom Book Boxes from OnlinePrintingFactory

When it comes to the safe and stylish packaging of your books, catalogs, and various other items, Custom Book Boxes from are your ideal solution. Our Custom Book Boxes are meticulously designed to serve as both a protective shield for your valuable contents during shipping and a powerful branding tool for your business. Custom Book Boxes are tailored to serve a specific purpose – securely mailing out your books, catalogs, samples, and welcome kits. Whether you’re an online retailer, an author looking to ship your latest masterpiece, or a business showcasing your products, these boxes are designed with your needs in mind.

Features of Custom Book Boxes

Our Custom Book Boxes come packed with a range of features that cater to your specific needs, whether you’re shipping books, catalogs, samples, or welcome kits. These features not only enhance the functionality of the packaging but also provide an opportunity to showcase your brand in a striking way.

Three Different Sizes

We understand that not all packages are created equal, and that’s why our Custom Book Boxes are available in three different sizes: A5, A4, and A3. This versatility ensures that your packaging is tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you’re sending out petite paperbacks or large coffee table books, we’ve got you covered.

Tailored to Your Needs

The availability of various sizes means you can effortlessly customize your packaging for different products or purposes. Whether you’re a small business owner shipping individual items or a corporation with diverse product lines, our Custom Book Boxes can be tailored to fit the bill perfectly.

Print Both Inside and Outside

Our Custom Book Boxes offer a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your recipients. Not only can you print your branding elements and graphics on the external surface of the box, but you also have the ability to print on the internal surfaces. This dual printing capability allows you to create a visually stunning unboxing experience.

High-Definition Graphics

We take pride in delivering high-definition printing results that ensure your packaging looks as good as the content it holds. Your designs will pop with vibrant colors and sharp details, making your Custom Book Boxes an extension of your brand’s identity.

White or Brown Corrugated Cardboard

Custom Book Boxes are constructed from your choice of white or brown corrugated cardboard. These materials are renowned for their sturdiness and reliability, making them an ideal choice for shipping packaging. They are designed to protect your contents from potential impacts during transit, ensuring your products reach their destination in pristine condition.

Balanced Lightweight Design

Despite their exceptional strength, the white and brown corrugated cardboard materials are surprisingly lightweight. This ensures that you won’t incur unnecessary shipping costs, and your packages remain easy to handle. It’s a balance of durability and practicality, ensuring your products are safe without adding unnecessary bulk.

Customization: Tailoring Your Custom Book Boxes

When it comes to leaving a memorable impression, customization is key. Our Custom Book Boxes offer a wide range of possibilities to make your packaging uniquely yours, ensuring your brand stands out and your customers are delighted.

External and Internal Surface Printing

The standout feature of our Custom Book Boxes is the ability to print on both the external and internal surfaces. This opens a world of creative possibilities for your packaging. From branding elements and logos on the outside to personalized messages or intricate designs on the inside, you have full control over the aesthetics of your boxes.

Unique Unboxing Experience

Imagine the delight your customers will feel when they open a package that not only showcases your brand but also carries a personal message or a surprise waiting for them on the inside of the lid. This dual printing capability allows you to create a unique unboxing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Easy Assembly: Ready When You Are

Our Custom Book Boxes are designed with your convenience in mind. They are delivered flat, ensuring they take up minimal space in your store or workspace. When it’s time to use them, the assembly is a breeze, taking just a few seconds to transform them into fully functional packaging. This not only saves space but also saves you time, making them a practical choice for your shipping needs.

Instantly Recognizable

Once assembled, these boxes are instantly recognizable, showcasing your brand’s identity and professionalism. They not only protect your contents but also serve as an excellent marketing tool. Your packages will stand out in the crowd, and your customers will remember the experience of receiving a well-crafted package.

Benefits for E-commerce and Retail

When it comes to elevating your packaging and shipping game, our Custom Book Boxes are tailor-made for e-commerce store owners and businesses. They’re not just boxes; they’re a powerful tool to enhance your brand, protect your products, and create a memorable customer experience.

Perfect for Shipping and Presentation

E-commerce is all about efficient shipping, and our Custom Book Boxes are up to the task. They are engineered for durability and protection, ensuring your items reach their destination unscathed. Whether you’re sending books, catalogs, or other products, you can trust these boxes to safeguard your merchandise throughout the journey.

Showcase Your Brand with Style

But it’s not just about protection. These boxes are also a canvas for your brand’s identity. They let you present your products in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. From the moment your package arrives on their doorstep, they’ll know it’s something special, and it’s from you.

User-Friendly Customization

We encourage you to take full advantage of our user-friendly customization options. Step into the driver’s seat and configure your Custom Book Boxes exactly as you envision. This process is streamlined, making it easy to create packaging that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity.

A Step-by-Step Guide

To make the customization process even more accessible, we offer a step-by-step guide to assist you in creating the perfect design. You’ll have the support you need to ensure that your packaging looks exactly as you want it to, every step of the way.

Small Quantities for All

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small, independent business, our service is designed to meet your needs. We understand that not every business requires packaging in large quantities, and that’s why our Custom Book Boxes are available in small quantities. In fact, you can start with as little as just one box.

Low Investment, High Impact

This accessibility means you won’t need a significant investment to start shipping your items in style. You can get started with a minimal quantity, ensuring that you only order what you need. It’s a cost-effective way to enhance your packaging and brand image.

Gift Packaging: Elevate Your Gifting Experience

Gift-giving is an art, and our Custom Book Boxes can help you master it. These versatile boxes are not just for shipping; they also serve as the perfect solution for creating unforgettable gift packages that leave a lasting impression.

Ideal for Gift Packaging

When it comes to presenting gifts, the packaging is a critical part of the experience. Our Custom Book Boxes are perfect for gift packaging, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to show appreciation. With these boxes, you can turn any gift into a work of art.

The Element of Surprise

What sets these boxes apart is the potential they offer for adding surprise elements. Imagine opening a beautifully designed box to find a personalized message, a discount code for future purchases, or even a QR code linked to your website. These surprise inclusions can make the unboxing experience unique and unforgettable.

Unforgettable Unboxing Experiences

The unboxing experience is often a neglected aspect of gift-giving, but it’s one that can leave a significant impact. Our Custom Book Boxes are designed to captivate your recipients from the moment they lay eyes on the package. The striking exterior design is just the beginning.

Personal Touch

What truly sets your gift apart is the personal touch you can add. Whether it’s a heartfelt message inside the lid, a special offer, or a link to additional resources, these boxes allow you to make your gift-giving experiences unforgettable.

Share the Joy

When your recipients open their gift, they won’t just appreciate the contents; they’ll also share the joy of the unboxing experience with others, potentially spreading the word about your brand or special occasion on social media.

How to Order Custom Book Boxes from OnlinePrintingFactory

Ordering your Custom Book Boxes from OnlinePrintingFactory is a straightforward and user-friendly process, ensuring that you get the packaging solution that perfectly matches your needs and preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the ordering process:


Start by visiting our website,, where you’ll find a user-friendly interface designed to make your customization and ordering process hassle-free.

Select Your Customization Options

Size: Choose the size of your Custom Book Boxes based on your specific requirements. We offer three options: A5, A4, and A3, ensuring that your packaging is tailored to your unique needs. Print Design: Take advantage of our external and internal surface printing. Use this feature to personalize your boxes with your branding elements, graphics, messages, or any other design elements that align with your brand identity.

Design Your Boxes

Use our online editor, Designer, to create your graphics easily and quickly. This tool allows you to design your packaging right on our website, starting from scratch or using one of our pre-defined patterns. It’s a user-friendly and powerful resource that puts the design process in your hands.

Review and Confirm Your Order

Once you’re satisfied with your design, review your order and confirm it. Double-check that all your customization options are correct, ensuring that your Custom Book Boxes will meet your expectations.

Complete the Order

Proceed to the payment section, where you can securely complete your order. Our website is designed to make this process safe and straightforward.

Receive Your Custom Book Boxes

Once your order is confirmed and processed, you can sit back and relax. We’ll take care of the rest, including printing your custom design and delivering your Custom Book Boxes directly to your store or your preferred location.   Ordering Custom Book Boxes from OnlinePrintingFactory is a seamless process that empowers you to create packaging that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity while ensuring your products are protected during shipping. Whether you’re an e-commerce store owner, a business, or an individual, we make it easy for you to enhance your packaging and brand image.  

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