Parcel Tape

Our tear-resistant PVC tape is customizable with vibrant multicolored flexographic printing, offering a choice of light brown, white, or transparent base colors. With a range of widths, lengths, and print areas, you can add your logo or message, making your packaging stand out and leave a lasting impression. Trust in our decade of industry experience for top-quality custom Parcel Tape solutions.

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Custom Parcel Tape – Print Personalized Tape for Parcel Online

OnlinePrintingFactory makes special parcel tape you can put on your boxes!The tape can be torn easily and you can design it yourself!Using special tape for your packages can help people notice your company more. It’s good for putting messages on your boxes too. This tape is strong and works well on cardboard boxes. It can make your business different from others and make customers remember you.Our tape printing service is great if you want your packaging to look special. OnlinePrintingFactory has been making prints online for more than ten years. They’ve spent a lot of time and money researching, so they can offer many different services to meet what customers need.

Custom Packaging Tape – Material and Sizes

Our special tape is made from PVC. It’s 33 microns thick. You can choose from three colors: light brown, white, or see-through. There are two widths for the rolls (50 or 75 mm) and two lengths (66 or 132 mm). You can also choose from five sizes for the area where your design will be repeated on the tape: 14.2 cm, 16.7 cm, 18.9 cm, 21.1 cm, and 27.7 cm.The number of rolls you get in a box depends on the size you choose for your special tape.

Designing Your Personalized Parcel Tape

  • You can put your own design on each roll of tape.
  • You can choose to print it in 1, 2, or 3 colors from more than 20 options.
  • You’ll see these colors listed by their names, like “Pantone codes.”
  • Once you’ve picked what you want, the most important part is adding your logo or message to make your packaging unique.
  • You can download templates and instructions to help you prepare your design before sending it to us.
  • These are important to make sure your design is ready to print.
  • Our Graphic Design team will also check your design before printing. If you want extra checking, you can pay a little more for that.

Ordering and Buying Parcel Tape

You can order your Parcel tape online on our website.The order form is easy to use and is divided into steps.Click on the information icons to learn more about each section.After you’ve chosen all the options you want, we’ll give you a price and tell you when your tape will be delivered.You can check if this works for your schedule and budget.Once you’ve placed your order, you can wait for our shipping service to bring your special tape to your home or office.If you have any questions about our Parcel tape or how to order it, our Customer Care team is here to help.

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