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Custom Gift Packaging – Boxes for Gifts and Products

Our gift boxes are great for surprises and events. In our online catalog, you can find different cardboard boxes for any occasion. You can customize them with your own designs. Use them to make special gift boxes for holidays or promotional items for events.

For example, you can create unique Christmas gift boxes for your coworkers and clients. Print your designs on the boxes to match your company’s style.

Order Custom Gift Boxes

It’s easy to order custom gift boxes with OnlinePrintingFactory.

Pick the box model you like and start by clicking on generate quote button.

Just Fill the form by selecting quantity, sizes and material.

At any point in time you can also contact customer support for any assistance.

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Custom Gift Boxes for Any Occasion

Our gift boxes are perfect for packaging gifts, promotional items, and more. They provide unique and recognizable packaging. Need boxes for Christmas gifts? Planning an event with promotional items? You’ll find what you need at OnlinePrintingFactory!

We offer custom gift boxes in various shapes, sizes, and materials. You can fully customize them with your designs and print them in high quality. We use the best printing technology and carefully choose materials to give you top-quality products. OnlinePrintingFactory is the online printing company for businesses and professionals.

Custom Gift Boxes and Packaging Ideas

On our website, you’ll find personalized packaging items, including labels, stickers, and tags to decorate your packages. Everything you need to make your gift boxes unique and special!

A Gift for Every Occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries, company parties, and more: no matter the occasion, make sure your gift looks great with the perfect packaging.

Make Your Packaging Unique

You can add small holes or windows in any shape to decorate your boxes or show their contents. Enhance details with gold, silver, and 3D varnish finishes, and customize the inside for a memorable unboxing experience. We also offer three types of cardboard, all FSC certified!

Importance of Thoughtful Gift Presentation

The proverb “First impressions are the last impressions” rings particularly true when it comes to gifting. The presentation of a gift significantly impacts the recipient’s initial perception and sets the tone for the entire exchange.

  • Emotional Connection: Thoughtful packaging isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a form of communication. It reflects the care, attention, and love put into selecting, preparing, and presenting the gift.
  • Personal Touch: The packaging is an extension of the giver’s emotions and personality. It allows for personalization, showcasing the effort to tailor the presentation to suit the recipient’s preferences or the occasion’s essence.
  • Surprise and Anticipation: A beautifully packaged gift heightens the excitement and anticipation of the recipient. The element of surprise and the joy of unwrapping contribute significantly to the overall experience.
  • Occasion Relevance: Different events or celebrations demand distinct approaches to packaging. For instance, Valentine’s Day might call for romantic themes, while Christmas could involve festive and cheerful elements.
  • Perceived Value: Carefully packaged gifts often convey a sense of higher value, irrespective of the actual cost of the item. The effort put into the presentation can significantly enhance the perceived worth of the gift.

Wide Range of Gift Packaging at Onlineprintingfactory

Cardboard Gift Bags

Cardboard gift bags are versatile and can be used for a wide array of gift-giving scenarios. They are a go-to choice for:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Wedding favors
  • Corporate events
  • Seasonal and holiday gifts
  • Promotional giveaways

Square Pillow Boxes

Square pillow boxes are distinctive and unique packaging solutions that resemble small pillows when assembled. These boxes are gaining popularity for their innovative design and are often used for upscale and memorable gift presentation.

Square pillow boxes are versatile and adaptable. They can be used for various gift-giving purposes, such as:

  • Wedding favors
  • Jewelry packaging
  • Party giveaways
  • Special event mementos
  • Seasonal gifts

Their unusual shape and design make them stand out, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift boxes with handles are ideal for a range of occasions, including:

  • Corporate events
  • Wedding gifts
  • Baby showers
  • Graduations
  • Retail packaging

Promotional Boxes

Promotional boxes serve a unique purpose in the world of packaging. They are designed for brand promotion and marketing. In this section, we’ll explore the primary uses of promotional boxes, including giveaways, product launches, and marketing campaigns.

Bespoke Boxes

Bespoke boxes, also known as custom-made boxes, are a premium packaging solution tailored to the specific needs and desires of the customer. In this section, we’ll delve into what sets bespoke boxes apart and why they are a preferred choice for certain gifting situations.

Bespoke boxes are ideal for those seeking an exclusive and one-of-a-kind gift presentation. They are perfect for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or luxury product packaging, where a unique and personalized touch is paramount.

We have a wide range to packaging products from day to day products and for every occasion.