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Enhance your packaging with our customizable Packaging Tape. Choose between white or brown tape, both crafted with water-activated, reinforced fibers for unparalleled security. Personalize your tape with high-definition graphics to make your brand stand out. This eco-friendly solution leaves a lasting impression while ensuring your parcels remain sealed and tamper-evident during transit. Experience top-quality packaging with

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Packaging Tape – Secure, Customizable, and Eco-Friendly

In the world of shipping and e-commerce, the choice of packaging materials can significantly impact the safety and integrity of your parcels. Packaging tape, often an unsung hero in the packaging process, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your shipments reach their destination securely. At, we understand the importance of this essential tool and offer packaging tape that excels in both functionality and sustainability.

Ensuring Secure Parcels

When it comes to shipping goods, security is paramount. Packaging tape serves as the first line of defense against potential damage or tampering during transit. Our packaging tape is designed to provide a robust and reliable seal that safeguards your packages throughout their journey. This means that your customers will receive their items in the condition they expect, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.

Eco-Friendly Advantages

In today’s eco-conscious world, businesses are increasingly adopting environmentally responsible practices. Our packaging tape from aligns with this ethos by being eco-friendly in two crucial ways:

Paper-Based Composition

Our packaging tape is crafted from paper, a renewable and sustainable resource. This choice not only reduces our environmental footprint but also ensures that the tape is biodegradable and recyclable. When your parcels reach their destination, the packaging tape can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Plant-Based Adhesive

The adhesive used in our packaging tape is derived from plant sources. By opting for a plant-based adhesive, we reduce the reliance on petroleum-based alternatives, making our tape a more sustainable choice. This adhesive, while eco-friendly, doesn’t compromise on its sealing capabilities, providing the security your parcels need.

Customizability at Your Fingertips

In addition to its eco-friendliness and security benefits, our packaging tape is entirely customizable. We understand that packaging isn’t just about protection; it’s also a prime opportunity to showcase your brand and make an impression. At, we offer the option to personalize your packaging tape, ensuring that your parcels stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Customization Options for Your Packaging Tape

At, we understand that every business is unique, and your packaging should reflect your brand’s individuality. Our packaging tape offers a range of customization options to ensure that your parcels not only arrive securely but also leave a lasting impression. In this section, we’ll explore the diverse customization features of our packaging tape.

Color Choices: White or Brown

When it comes to packaging tape, the color you choose can convey important messages about your brand and its values. Our packaging tape is available in two classic yet versatile colors: white and brown.White Tape: White packaging tape exudes a clean and professional look, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to convey a sense of purity, quality, and attention to detail. It’s a great choice if you want your parcels to emanate an air of sophistication.Brown Tape: Brown packaging tape, on the other hand, offers a natural and eco-friendly aesthetic. This color choice aligns perfectly with sustainability-focused brands and those aiming for an earthy, authentic, and rustic appearance.

Water-Activated for Enhanced Security

Our packaging tape takes security seriously. It’s not just an ordinary adhesive; it’s water-activated. This means that, when moistened, the tape forms an incredibly strong bond. The water-activated adhesive penetrates the fibers of the packaging material, creating a seal that is difficult to tamper with. The advantages of this approach include:Enhanced Security: Water-activated tape offers superior security as it effectively seals your packages, leaving no room for tampering or unauthorized access during transit.Tamper-Evident Feature: In the event of any tampering attempts, our water-activated tape is designed to leave a visible mark. This tamper-evident feature ensures that any interference with your packages is immediately apparent, providing additional peace of mind.

Personalize with Your Own Graphics and Branding

In a crowded marketplace, branding is essential for standing out and leaving a memorable impression on customers. Our packaging tape allows you to personalize it with your own graphics and branding. Here’s why this feature is advantageous for your business:Brand Recognition: By featuring your logo, company name, or unique graphics on the packaging tape, you enhance brand recognition. Customers will instantly identify your parcels, reinforcing your brand in their minds.Professional Presentation: Personalized packaging tape not only enhances brand visibility but also gives your parcels a professional and cohesive look. This attention to detail shows that you care about every aspect of your business, including the presentation of your products.Customized Messaging: Use this opportunity to communicate important messages, promotions, or seasonal greetings. Your packaging tape becomes a versatile canvas for conveying your brand’s story.In the following sections, we will guide you through the simple and efficient process of ordering custom packaging tape, from configuring your options to uploading your designs. This customization feature empowers you to make your parcels not just secure but also a reflection of your brand’s identity.

Ordering Your Personalized Packaging Tape

Navigating the ordering process for your personalized packaging tape at is a seamless experience. In this section, we’ll guide you through each step, from configuring your options to receiving your custom packaging tape at your doorstep.

Configuration Options

Start with Your Selection: Begin by selecting your preferred packaging tape color (white or brown). This choice sets the tone for your packaging’s aesthetic.Tape Length and Width: Choose from 30m or 90m rolls, depending on your packaging needs. Our packaging tape is 5cm high, providing ample space for your personalized graphics.

Template Download

Prepare Your Design: Once you’ve configured your options, you’re ready to personalize your packaging tape. We make it easy by providing a downloadable template. This template is designed to ensure that your graphics align perfectly with the tape’s dimensions.Instructions for Customization: Along with the template, we offer clear instructions to simplify the design process. Whether you’re an experienced designer or new to graphic design, our guidelines ensure a smooth experience.

Setting Up Your Print File

Create Your Artwork: Using your preferred design software, create your customized packaging tape design. You have the creative freedom to showcase your brand identity, logo, promotional messages, or any other elements that represent your business.Review and Refine: Before finalizing your design, review it to ensure it meets your expectations. Fine-tune any details, and make sure your graphics are aligned with the template.

Submission Process

Submit Your Order: With your print file ready, it’s time to submit your order. Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily upload your design files, ensuring a hassle-free process.Quality Assurance: Rest assured that our team will review your design to ensure it meets our quality standards. If any issues are identified, we’ll promptly communicate with you to make necessary adjustments.

Punctual Shipping Service

Timely Delivery: Once your order is confirmed, we take pride in our punctual shipping service. Your custom packaging tape will be shipped directly to your office or home, ensuring you receive it when you need it.Track Your Shipment: Stay informed throughout the shipping process with our tracking service. We’ll provide you with the information you need to monitor your package’s journey to your doorstep.In the subsequent sections, we’ll explore the unique qualities of our water-activated paper packaging tape and how it can enhance the security of your parcels. Your personalized packaging tape is not only easy to order but is also a testament to your brand’s identity and commitment to quality.

Print Custom Packaging Tape

Personalized packaging tape isn’t just about securing your parcels; it’s also a powerful branding tool. In this section, we’ll delve into the various aspects of customizing your packaging tape, from size and length options to the impact of high-definition graphics on your branding.

Size and Length Options

Tailored to Your Needs: Our custom packaging tape comes in two length options: 30m or 90m rolls. This flexibility ensures that you can match the length of the tape to your specific packaging requirements, whether you’re a small business or a large-scale operation.Generous Width: The tape is 5cm high, offering ample space for your personalized graphics. This width enables you to create a tape design that’s not only functional but also serves as a prominent canvas for your branding.

High-Definition Graphics

Exceptional Visual Impact: Our state-of-the-art printing technology allows you to achieve high-definition graphics. Your designs will be rendered with precision and clarity, ensuring that your branding stands out on every package.Professional Appearance: Utilizing the entire surface of the tape for branding transforms your parcels into powerful brand ambassadors. The professional appearance of your customized packaging tape reflects positively on your business and leaves a memorable impression on your customers.

Creativity for an Exceptional Unboxing Experience

Unleash Your Imagination: Don’t limit yourself to conventional packaging designs. Get creative with your packaging tape, using it to tell your brand’s story, promote special offers, or create a unique unboxing experience that surprises and delights your customers.Unique Combinations: Play with the interplay between your packaging and the tape to create original and unique combinations. Your packaging tape can be a crucial element in delivering a memorable unboxing experience that sets your brand apart.

Pricing and Quotes

Transparency in pricing is essential when making business decisions. In this section, we’ll explain how our pricing and quotes work, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed choices.

Automatic Quotes Based on Customizations

Instant Estimate: Once you’ve configured your custom packaging tape with your chosen options, you’ll receive an automatic quote. This estimate is generated in real time, allowing you to see the cost of your custom packaging tape as you make each customization.No Surprises: Our automatic quotes are designed to eliminate any surprises. You’ll have a precise indication of the price for your custom tape, making it easy to budget and plan accordingly.

Real-Time Pricing Calculations

Customize with Confidence: As you explore the various options, from color and length to graphics and branding, our platform will calculate the pricing in real time. This means you can experiment with different configurations while staying informed about the costs involved.Tailor to Your Budget: The real-time pricing calculation ensures that you can fine-tune your packaging tape to fit your budget without any guesswork. It’s a user-friendly feature that empowers you to make decisions that align with your needs and financial considerations.

Other Shipping Supplies

At, we’re not just about personalized packaging tape. We’re your one-stop destination for a wide array of high-quality shipping supplies designed to elevate your brand’s packaging experience. In this section, we introduce you to the diverse range of shipping supplies, including custom packaging tape, postal boxes, and envelopes, and emphasize our commitment to providing unforgettable unboxing experiences.

Custom Packaging Tape

Extension of Your Brand: Our custom packaging tape has already been discussed in detail, but it’s worth reiterating that it serves as a powerful extension of your brand. It’s an excellent way to make your parcels instantly recognizable and convey a professional image to your customers.Security and Sustainability: Beyond branding, our packaging tape excels in providing security, thanks to its water-activated design. It’s also eco-friendly, showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Postal Boxes

Robust and Customizable: Our postal boxes are crafted from robust corrugated cardboard, ensuring that your parcels are well-protected during transit. The boxes are customizable, allowing you to add your branding and messaging for a complete branding experience.Unforgettable Unboxing: The quality and customization of our postal boxes contribute to an unforgettable unboxing experience. Your customers will appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes into the presentation of their purchases.


Secure and Versatile: Envelopes play a vital role in packaging various items, from documents to smaller products. Our envelopes are designed for security, ensuring that your contents reach their destination intact and protected.Custom Branding: Just like our other shipping supplies, envelopes can be customized with your brand’s logo and other design elements. This not only enhances brand consistency but also makes a memorable impression.