Crash Lock Boxes

Check our Custom Crash Lock Boxes, designed for convenience with one-step assembly and a sturdy reinforced base. These versatile boxes are fully customizable, making them the perfect packaging solution for a wide range of products, including fashion accessories, promotional items, bijou jars, bottles, and small gifts.

  • Lamination available
  • Optional finishes
  • 6 different materials
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Custom Printed Crash Lock Boxes

Crash lock boxes are a popular packaging choice because they are quick and easy to set up. They can be stored flat and opened with one step. Made from strong paperboard, they are great for all kinds of products, like cosmetics, fashion accessories, promotional items, and gifts.You can customize these boxes with your company logo or graphics and use them at trade fairs, events, or your shop. There are various sizes to choose from, and you can also add lamination and special finishes to enhance the look.

Crash Lock Boxes – Sizes

Start by picking the right size for your product. Choose from 11 widths, ranging from 4 cm to 20 cm. The depth will either be set automatically based on the width or you might get to choose from different depths and formats.

Crash Lock Boxes – Paper and Lamination

These boxes are made from 360 gsm thick paperboard, making them light but strong. The paperboard is white and coated on one side, so printing is only on the front. To protect and add effects, you can apply lamination. Onlineprintingfactory offers three types: matt, gloss, and soft touch.

Special Finishes for Crash Lock Boxes

To make your boxes stand out, add special finishes. A selective varnish gives a glossy effect, a 3D varnish creates an embossed look, and gold or silver foils add a striking metallic effect. These finishes can only be applied to one side.

Why Order Your Crash Lock Boxes from Onlineprintingfactory?

Onlineprintingfactory uses the latest technology and materials to offer high-quality products at great prices. Ordering is easy with our simple form and step-by-step process.Our Customer Care team is ready to assist you, and our graphic designers check your print file before printing. You can also choose an enhanced check for extra assurance.

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