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Elevate your space with OnlinePrintingFactory’s Custom Wall Stickers. Transform your walls effortlessly with vibrant designs on premium materials like White EasyWall and Transparent EasyWall. Experience the flexibility of micro-suction adhesion for easy application and repositioning. Choose from cutting options like rectangular, untrimmed, or create custom shapes for a personalized touch. Our user-friendly ordering process ensures a seamless experience, providing transparent pricing and flexible delivery dates. Enhance your home or business with durable, bubble-free wall stickers that reflect your unique style. Elevate your décor effortlessly with OnlinePrintingFactory’s Custom Wall Stickers – where creativity meets quality.

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Custom Wall Stickers from Onlineprintingfactory

Wall stickers, also known as wall decals or wall graphics, are adhesive designs or artwork that can be easily affixed to walls or other surfaces. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, offering a simple yet impactful way to decorate spaces without the permanence of paint or wallpaper. These stickers adhere to surfaces securely yet can be removed without leaving residue or damage.

Versatility in Decoration – Ideal for Homes and Businesses

Wall stickers offer unparalleled versatility in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of both residential and commercial spaces. In homes, they provide a personalized touch to living areas, bedrooms, nurseries, and more. For businesses, they serve as branding elements, decorative pieces, or signage, enhancing the ambiance and communicating messages effectively.
  • Residential Use: Ideal for adding personality to rooms, creating themed spaces, or showcasing artwork.
  • Commercial Use: Perfect for branding, promoting products, displaying messages, or complementing interior design schemes.

OnlinePrintingFactory’s Custom Wall Stickers

OnlinePrintingFactory specializes in offering a wide array of customizable wall stickers designed to cater to diverse preferences and needs. Their collection includes various materials, sizes, and cutting options, ensuring customers can find the perfect fit for their intended space and design vision.These stickers are crafted with attention to detail, emphasizing quality, durability, and ease of application. Whether for personal use or business requirements, OnlinePrintingFactory’s custom wall stickers provide an affordable and innovative solution for transforming spaces.

Benefits of Wall Stickers

Splash of Color and Artwork

Wall stickers serve as a canvas for injecting vibrant colors and captivating artwork into any space. They offer an easy and hassle-free way to add personality and flair to otherwise plain walls. Whether it’s a bold statement piece or intricate designs, these stickers instantly uplift the ambiance, creating focal points that capture attention and invoke a sense of creativity.

Cost-Effective Decorating Solution

Unlike traditional painting or wallpapering, wall stickers present a cost-effective alternative for transforming spaces. They eliminate the need for expensive materials, extensive labor, and the inconvenience of long drying times.Moreover, their removable nature allows for flexibility in updating or changing designs without undertaking major renovations, making them an economical choice for those seeking a dynamic yet budget-friendly decorating solution.

Custom Messages and Signage for Businesses

Wall stickers offer a versatile platform for businesses to convey custom messages, promote branding, or display signage. They serve as an integral part of interior decor while fulfilling practical purposes. With the ability to customize content, fonts, sizes, and shapes, these stickers become valuable tools for communicating information, enhancing brand visibility, and creating a cohesive visual identity within commercial spaces.Whether it’s showcasing company values, highlighting product features, or guiding customers, these stickers offer an impactful and visually appealing way to convey messages within business environments.

Materials and Options

White EasyWall

White EasyWall stands as a versatile option, providing a classic canvas for various designs. Its opaque nature allows for vibrant colors and bold graphics to stand out vividly against the white background. This material seamlessly integrates with different décor styles, offering a clean and polished look to the applied artwork or messages.

Transparent EasyWall

The Transparent EasyWall material offers a unique aesthetic appeal by allowing the underlying wall surface to partially show through the sticker. This transparent quality enables a more subtle integration of designs, creating an illusion of the artwork blending with the wall. It’s an excellent choice for achieving a contemporary and understated visual impact.

Lamination for Durability

Both material options come with the option of lamination, providing an additional layer of protection. Lamination enhances the durability of the wall stickers, making them more resistant to scratches, abrasions, and fading. This ensures that the designs remain vibrant and intact, prolonging the lifespan of the stickers even in high-traffic areas or environments prone to wear and tear.

Micro-Suction Adhesion

The wall stickers are designed with micro-suction adhesion properties, allowing for easy application and repositioning. This feature ensures that the stickers adhere securely to the wall or other surfaces without leaving behind residue or causing damage. It enables hassle-free installation and adjustments, minimizing the risk of bubbles forming during application.

Cutting Options


The rectangular cutting option offers a traditional shape that is well-suited for various design layouts. It provides a clean and defined edge, presenting a structured and organized appearance to the applied stickers.


Opting for the untrimmed cutting option offers flexibility in design dimensions. While there might be unprinted strips at the edges, it allows for customization of the sticker’s shape and size, with the width representing the maximum printable width on the reel.

Custom Shapes

For those seeking unique and specific designs, the option for custom shapes provides endless possibilities. Customers can define their own shapes, enabling the creation of stickers tailored to their precise requirements, whether it’s intricate artwork, logos, or unconventional shapes for specialized purposes.

How to Apply Custom Wall Stickers

Cleaning Instructions for Optimal Results

Before applying custom wall stickers, ensuring a clean surface is crucial for optimal adhesion and a flawless finish. Follow these steps:
  • Surface Preparation: Wipe the wall or surface with a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt, and any residues. Allow it to dry completely before applying the stickers.
  • Smooth Surface: Ensure the surface is smooth and free from imperfections to facilitate proper adhesion.

Flexibility and Durability

OnlinePrintingFactory’s custom wall stickers are crafted with materials known for their flexibility and durability:
  • Flexibility: The materials used for the stickers offer flexibility, allowing them to conform to curved or uneven surfaces for a seamless application.
  • Durability: These stickers are designed to withstand various environmental factors, maintaining their quality and vibrancy over time. They resist fading, ensuring long-lasting visual appeal.

Removal and Repositioning without Bubbles

The micro-suction adhesion of the wall stickers enables easy removal and repositioning without leaving residue or causing damage. To ensure a bubble-free application:
  • Careful Application: Start by applying the stickers from one edge, gradually smoothing out any air bubbles using a flat tool or cloth as you go along.
  • Repositioning: If needed, the stickers can be gently removed and repositioned without compromising adhesion, allowing for adjustments until the desired placement is achieved.
  • Avoid Air Trapping: Work methodically while applying the stickers to prevent air from getting trapped underneath, minimizing the formation of bubbles.
Note: Following the provided instructions and taking care during the application process will result in a smooth and bubble-free finish, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the applied wall stickers.

Ordering Process from OnlinePrintingFactory

Easy Step-by-Step Order Process

OnlinePrintingFactory offers a streamlined and user-friendly ordering system, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers:
  • User-Friendly Interface: Access an intuitive online platform designed to guide customers through the ordering process seamlessly.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Clear instructions and prompts lead customers through each stage of placing an order, making it easy to navigate.

Customization Options

Customers can personalize their wall stickers according to their specific preferences:
  • Material: Choose between White EasyWall and Transparent EasyWall, tailoring the sticker’s appearance to suit the intended aesthetic.
  • Cut: Select from options like rectangular, untrimmed, or define custom shapes, enabling the creation of unique designs.
  • Size, etc.: Customize the dimensions and additional features to align with the desired specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for the intended space.

Pricing and Delivery Date Options

OnlinePrintingFactory provides transparent pricing and flexible delivery dates to cater to diverse needs:
  • Transparent Pricing: Get access to a range of prices based on chosen customization options, ensuring clarity in cost before finalizing the order.
  • Delivery Dates: Select from multiple delivery options based on urgency and budget, allowing customers to choose timelines that suit their needs.

Template and Instructions for Artwork Submission

To facilitate a smooth artwork submission process, OnlinePrintingFactory offers:
  • Templates: Downloadable templates provided by graphic designers, guiding customers on how to set up their artwork files correctly.
  • Instructions: Detailed guidelines accompanying the templates, ensuring that customers submit print files accurately and in the required format.

Related Products

Window Stickers

Window stickers offer a versatile solution for adding visual interest to glass surfaces while maintaining transparency:
  • Customizable Designs: Similar to wall stickers, these decals can be personalized with various designs, logos, or promotional messages.
  • Enhanced Branding: Ideal for storefronts, offices, or vehicle windows to promote brands, products, or services while allowing visibility from both inside and outside.

Flat Surface Stickers

Designed for application on smooth surfaces, flat surface stickers offer a range of possibilities:
  • Versatile Applications: These stickers can be used on furniture, laptops, appliances, or any other flat surface to add decorative or informational elements.
  • Personalization: Perfect for personalizing belongings or displaying information in an engaging way.

Floor Stickers

Floor stickers provide a creative way to utilize floor spaces for promotional or decorative purposes:
  • High Visibility: Ideal for retail spaces, events, or exhibitions to guide foot traffic, showcase branding, or offer directional cues.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed to withstand foot traffic, these stickers maintain their quality and vibrant appearance over time.

Exploring Options for Different Surfaces

OnlinePrintingFactory offers a range of sticker solutions tailored to suit various surfaces:Versatility: Whether it’s walls, windows, floors, or other surfaces, the range of sticker options allows customers to find suitable solutions for different environments and purposes.Customization: Similar to wall stickers, these products offer customization options in terms of materials, sizes, and designs, ensuring they align perfectly with specific requirements.