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Elevate your brand with OnlinePrintingFactory’s Custom Food Packaging Labels. Tailor-made from a diverse selection of durable materials—paper or plastic—crafted to withstand oils, sauces, and various food types. Unleash creativity with customizable sizes, shapes, and finishes including selective varnish, gold foil, and anti-scratch coatings. Our user-friendly online ordering system and downloadable templates ensure a seamless experience. From rustic Betulla Laid Paper to deluxe Polypropylenes, we offer versatile solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Let your products shine with labels that captivate and communicate excellence, creating a lasting impression on shelves and in consumers’ minds.

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Custom Food Packaging Labels by OnlinePrintingFactory

In the competitive landscape of the food industry, where consumers are bombarded with choices, the significance of effective branding and marketing strategies cannot be overstated. One pivotal element that plays a crucial role in shaping the identity of food products and influencing consumer behavior is none other than the humble yet mighty food packaging label.

Importance of Food Packaging Labels in Branding and Marketing:

Food packaging labels serve as the face of a product, conveying not only essential information but also embodying the brand’s identity and values. Beyond the functional aspects of listing ingredients and nutritional information, these labels are a powerful tool for creating brand recognition and fostering consumer loyalty. Thoughtfully designed and strategically placed labels can communicate the uniqueness of a product, tell a brand story, and evoke emotions that resonate with the target audience.In the realm of marketing strategies for food products, packaging labels act as silent brand ambassadors on the crowded shelves of supermarkets or the virtual aisles of online platforms. They are a visual handshake, a first impression that can make or break a consumer’s decision to choose one product over another. A well-crafted label not only instills trust but also establishes a connection with consumers, influencing their perception and driving purchasing decisions.

OnlinePrintingFactory: Your Partner in Customizable and High-Quality Food Packaging Labels:

Amidst the vast sea of options for food packaging label providers, OnlinePrintingFactory emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Specializing in customizable and high-quality solutions, OnlinePrintingFactory understands the pivotal role that packaging labels play in brand representation and consumer engagement.

Unparalleled Customization:

OnlinePrintingFactory empowers businesses to bring their unique vision to life through extensive customization options. From choosing materials and sizes to shaping the labels according to specific needs, the platform provides a level of flexibility that caters to diverse branding requirements.

Quality Beyond Compare:

Recognizing that the durability and visual appeal of food packaging labels are paramount, OnlinePrintingFactory offers materials that withstand the challenges posed by various food products. The commitment to delivering high-quality labels ensures that each product is a testament to the brand’s excellence.

Innovative Solutions for Every Business:

Whether a burgeoning startup, a niche boutique, or an established brand, OnlinePrintingFactory caters to businesses of all sizes. The platform’s innovative solutions are designed to elevate the visual aesthetics of products, making them stand out in the competitive market.

Versatile Label Options:


OnlinePrintingFactory offers an extensive array of materials, carefully curated to meet the diverse needs and challenges posed by different food products. The selection includes both paper and plastic options, each boasting distinct qualities that ensure durability and suitability for various packaging requirements.

Paper-based Materials:

Betulla Laid Paper: Renowned for its textured appearance and natural feel, ideal for adding a rustic or artisanal touch to packaging.Natural White Paper: Suitable for glass surfaces, this option maintains the vibrancy of colors and enhances visual appeal.Uncoated Paper: Known for its versatility, this paper suits a wide range of packaging materials like cardboard or plastic films.Coated Paper: Perfect for enhancing visual appeal on specific packaging materials, offering a polished and professional finish.Black Pulp-dyed Paper: Adds a unique aesthetic, suitable for specialized branding and products aiming for distinctiveness.Felt-effect Greaseproof Paper: Ensures resistance to oils and fats, ideal for food items prone to such substances.Satin Paper, Hay Paper, Gold Paper: Each of these papers offers unique textures and visual characteristics, catering to various branding aesthetics.

Plastic-based Materials:

Deluxe White Polypropylene: Durable and versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering a clean and polished look.Deluxe Transparent Polypropylene: Provides a see-through option, perfect for showcasing product contents while maintaining label durability.Deluxe Silver Polypropylene: Offers a metallic sheen, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to packaging.

Customization Options

Size, Shape, and Pre-defined Formats:

OnlinePrintingFactory understands that one size doesn’t fit all in the world of packaging labels. Hence, it provides a plethora of customization options to cater to unique brand identities and packaging requirements.Size Customization: Businesses have the liberty to define their label dimensions, ranging from a minimum of 1×1 cm to a maximum of 30×30 cm, providing utmost flexibility.Shape Customization: Beyond the pre-defined circular, square, and rectangular formats, businesses can create custom shapes, reflecting their brand’s personality and uniqueness.Output Direction and Label Specifications: The platform allows for the selection of output direction (0°, 90°, 180°, or -90°) and specifies the distance between labels (minimum of 0.8 cm), ensuring precise and tailored label production.

Comprehensive Label Customization:

Reel Diameter and Number of Rolls:

OnlinePrintingFactory offers a comprehensive customization experience, enabling businesses to choose the reel diameter (76 mm) and the number of rolls. The flexibility to print on one roll (33 cm high), two rolls (16.5 cm high), three rolls (11 cm high), or six rolls (5.5 cm high) caters to varying production and packaging needs.By providing such comprehensive customization options, OnlinePrintingFactory empowers businesses to create tailored labels that not only meet the technical specifications for different packaging but also align with their brand’s visual identity, ensuring a seamless and impactful representation of their products.

Material Options:

Self-adhesive Papers:

OnlinePrintingFactory’s range of self-adhesive papers offers a diverse selection, each with unique features tailored to cater to specific packaging needs. These papers not only serve as a base for labels but also contribute to the aesthetics and functionality of the final product.

Betulla Laid Paper:

Unique Features: Renowned for its textured appearance resembling tree bark, imparting a natural and rustic feel to labels.Indoor Use Suitability: Ideal for indoor applications, this paper elevates the visual appeal of packaging, making products stand out on shelves.

Natural White Paper:

Unique Features: Known for its pristine white appearance, enhancing color vibrancy and offering excellent print quality.Indoor Use Suitability: Perfect for glass surfaces, ensuring labels maintain their clarity and impact.

Uncoated Paper:

Unique Features: Versatile and adaptable, offering a smooth surface suitable for various packaging materials like cardboard or plastic films.Indoor Use Suitability: Ideal for indoor applications, providing flexibility in design and application.

Coated Paper:

Unique Features: Provides a polished and professional finish, enhancing visual appeal and brand representation.Indoor Use Suitability: Suitable for indoor applications, especially on specific packaging materials where an elegant finish is desired.

Black Pulp-dyed Paper:

Unique Features: Offers a distinctive black color, making labels stand out and ideal for brands aiming for uniqueness.Indoor Use Suitability: Suited for indoor applications, perfect for specialized branding needs.

Felt-effect Greaseproof Paper:

Unique Features: Ensures resistance to oils and fats, catering to food items susceptible to such substances.Indoor Use Suitability: Ideal for indoor applications, especially for food packaging requiring oil and grease resistance.

Self-adhesive Plastics:

OnlinePrintingFactory’s self-adhesive plastics are engineered to deliver durability and versatility, offering solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. These materials are designed to withstand varying environmental conditions while maintaining label integrity and visual appeal.

Deluxe White Polypropylene:

Durability: Highly durable and versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, offering resilience against environmental factors.Advantages: Provides a clean and polished appearance, ensuring labels stand out effectively.

Deluxe Transparent Polypropylene:

Durability: Offers transparency without compromising durability, making it suitable for showcasing product contents while maintaining label integrity.Advantages: Ideal for products where visibility of contents is crucial, maintaining a sleek and clear appearance.

Deluxe Silver Polypropylene:

Durability: Provides a metallic sheen while maintaining durability for varying applications.Advantages: Adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to labels, suitable for products aiming for a luxurious appeal.OnlinePrintingFactory’s self-adhesive plastics stand as a testament to their commitment to providing solutions that not only endure but also elevate the visual appeal of packaging. These materials are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of diverse applications, ensuring labels maintain their integrity and impact, whether used indoors or outdoors.

Label Formats and Special Finishes:


OnlinePrintingFactory offers an array of label formats, providing businesses with both standard and customizable options to suit their branding needs. These formats not only cater to conventional shapes but also allow for the creation of unique and tailored label designs.

1. Predefined Formats: Circular, Square, Rectangular:

Circular: Ideal for products that benefit from a distinct, eye-catching shape. Perfect for jar lids, round containers, or promotional stickers.Square: Offers a balanced and symmetrical appearance, suitable for a wide range of products, lending a clean and organized look.Rectangular: Provides ample space for detailed information and branding elements, commonly used on boxes, bottles, or pouches.

2. Custom Shapes and Dimensions:

Flexibility in Design: Beyond the standard shapes, OnlinePrintingFactory empowers businesses to create custom shapes and define precise dimensions for labels.Unique Branding: Custom shapes enable brands to stand out on shelves, enhancing product visibility and leaving a memorable impression on consumers.

Special Finishes:

OnlinePrintingFactory understands that the visual appeal and durability of labels can be further enhanced through specialized finishes. These finishes, tailored to the chosen materials, elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of packaging labels.

Selective Varnish:

Benefits: Adds emphasis to specific details on labels, creating contrast and visual interest, making certain elements stand out prominently.

Gold Foil and Silver Oil:

Benefits: Imparts a luxurious and premium look to labels, enhancing brand perception and elevating the product’s visual appeal.

Anti-scratch Varnish:

Benefits: Provides resistance to scratches and UV light, ensuring labels maintain their pristine appearance even in challenging conditions, extending their longevity.

Gloss and Matt Lamination:

Benefits: Enhances label details and colors while offering protection against fading over time. Gloss provides a shiny, reflective finish, whereas matt lamination offers a smooth and non-reflective appearance.

Other Special Finishes:

OnlinePrintingFactory’s commitment to innovation extends to other specialized finishes that may be material-specific, ensuring labels not only look impressive but also withstand environmental factors.By offering a wide range of label formats and specialized finishes, OnlinePrintingFactory enables businesses to create packaging labels that not only communicate essential information but also serve as powerful branding tools. These options allow brands to craft visually appealing and durable labels that resonate with their target audience, ultimately contributing to increased brand recognition and consumer engagement.

Ordering Process:

OnlinePrintingFactory prides itself on offering a seamless and user-friendly online ordering system, streamlining the process for customers and ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. The platform’s intuitive interface guides users through the selection process while providing essential assistance for artwork setup through downloadable templates and instructions.

User-Friendly Interface:

Ease of Navigation: The website features a user-friendly interface, enabling customers to browse through various label options effortlessly.Step-by-Step Guidance: The ordering process is broken down into clear steps, ensuring customers understand each stage of customization and selection.

Selection Process:

Customization Options: Customers are presented with a range of customizable features, including materials, sizes, shapes, finishes, and more, empowering them to tailor labels according to their specific needs.Visual Preview: The platform provides a visual preview of the selected options, allowing customers to visualize how their labels will appear before finalizing their order.

Artwork Setup Assistance:

Downloadable Templates: OnlinePrintingFactory offers downloadable templates tailored to the selected label specifications, aiding customers in setting up their artwork accurately.Instructions for Artwork Setup: Detailed instructions accompany the templates, guiding customers on the correct setup to ensure optimal printing results.

Order Review and Confirmation:

Review and Edit Options: Before finalizing the order, customers have the opportunity to review their selections and make any necessary edits or adjustments.Seamless Checkout Process: Once satisfied with their choices, customers can easily proceed through the checkout process, making payment and confirming their order with ease.

Delivery Options:

OnlinePrintingFactory understands the varying needs and timelines of its customers, hence providing a range of delivery options that offer flexibility in pricing and shipping speeds.

Multiple Delivery Dates:

Flexible Timelines: Customers can choose from various delivery dates, allowing them to select a timeline that aligns with their budget and urgency.Budget-Friendly Options: Slower shipping options are available at lower prices, catering to customers not constrained by tight deadlines.

Expedited Shipping:

Faster Shipping Speeds: For customers with urgent needs, expedited shipping options are available, ensuring swift delivery of orders within a shorter timeframe.Additional Costs for Urgent Delivery: Expedited shipping may involve additional costs compared to standard shipping options, providing a trade-off between speed and cost.By offering a user-friendly online ordering system and diverse delivery options, OnlinePrintingFactory caters to the needs of a wide range of customers, ensuring a convenient and personalized experience. The platform’s commitment to guiding customers through the selection process and providing flexible delivery choices reflects its dedication to customer satisfaction and convenience.